What To Bring


The most appropriate way to begin your yoga class of the day is by being a prepared yogi or yogini. Here’s how:

 Gyan_YogaYoga Mat

Bring your own yoga mat. If you don’t have one or you forget, rent one from us.



Gyan_Yoga_towelYoga Mat Towel

We recommend you have two towels. One for your yoga mat and one to wipe yourself off after your hard work in the class.





Bring your water with you. You can refill your empty water bottle at the studio or your can buy one.





Avoid practicing yoga with a full stomach. It is recommended to wait for a couple of hours after a meal before you come to your yoga class. This allows all the systems of your body to nourish the muscles and organs you need for your hard work in the yoga class.




Clothes that allow you to practice all your yoga poses freely while you sweat.





Arrive well hydrated. Drink plenty of water around 30 minutes before Hot Yoga class.




Arrive 15 minutes prior to the class time.

We try to accommodate people however we appreciate yogis who arrive on or before time.

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