Studio Etiquette



Please remove your shoes (boots, roller-skates, flip-flops or any footwear) upon arrival. Any kind of footwear is not permitted in the practice room.




scan.cardSign In

Sign in at the front desk before you enter the change room.







Cell phoneCellphones or electronic gadgets

No cellphones or electronic gadgets are permitted in the practice room, for uninterrupted yoga practice. Moreover, such heat and humidity can cause damage to your expensive and sophisticated electronics.




perfume2Scent Free

Please do not wear heavy perfumes or colognes to class as it interferes with healthy brething.








Bags and jackets are not permitted in the practice room. They can be kept easily in the change room.





Please relax and remain silent in any of your favorite poses in the practice room while you wait for class to begin. It is your opportunity to relax and enjoy a moment of silence during your busy day.





Try to complete the full class. However, if you require, please take as many breaks as you need. Any time if you’d like to end your class before the schedule time due to a long, tiring day (or for any other reason, we understand some times things happen), please do so.

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