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Yoga Teacher Training


What is taught in 200 hours of training
Yoga Teacher Training

Workplace Stretching and Warm-up
workplace Ergonomics Studies
Physiology of Stretching and warm-up exercises
Teacher Training Options RYT 200
About Course
My Training
Program Particulars
Sample Day/ Daily Schedule
Tuition – 1 Month Course
Tuition – 3 Months Flexible Course
Tuition – 8 Months Extended Course
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Yoga For Flexibility
Yoga For Flexibility



Deep Breathing, Pranayama


Not necessarily all poses are part of Yoga teacher training course.
These poses are optional. If students don’t wish to practice these poses, they don’t have to.


External Retention of Breath

Internal Retention of Breath

Wheel Pose, Chakra Asana

Some poses are quite intimidating and not included in syllabus of Yoga teacher training course.

Deep Squat is considered the most effective squat



Moon Salutation practiced number of times without time interval with pace can give cardio workout.

Total body workout

Full body stretch

Body weight exercise

Bridge Pose, Setu Band Asana

Chin Lock, Jalandra Bandha

Cow Face in Lotus Pose

Fish Pose
Matsaya Asana

Head and Feet
Head Balance


Head Stand and its Variations
Shirsh Asana


Downward Dog Push Ups






Plank and Low Plank
Chatrunga Dand Asana


Fast paced Sun Salutation for cardio effect
Sury Namaskar
Surya Namaskara


Meditation Poses
Samadhi Asana


head to Knee Spine Twisted
Parivritti Janu Shirsh Asana


Mal Asana

Sleeping Thunder Bolt Pose
Supt Vajr Asana


Stomach Vaccum


Swaying Arms Pose
Tiryak Taad Asana

Twisted Lunge

Wide Legged Forward Fold

Wheel Pose
Chakra Asana
Bridge Pose



























































































































































































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