Many of the problems runners face, including sore knees, tight   amstrings, lower back pain and ankle sprains can be resolved by practicing Gyan Yoga. Gyan Yoga classes are designed in a way that stretches and strengthens the ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints and lower back. Runners who practice Gyan Yoga have regularly reported increased stamina due to proper breathing techniques taught in the classes.



Intense and repetitive use of muscles in cycling leads to chronic tightness in the leg muscles. Some muscles are over worked while others are underused leading to imbalance and eventually pain. Knee pain, back pain and shoulder pain starts to diminish with regular practice of Gyan Yoga, bringing balance back into the body.



Increased range of motion in the joints, lightness in the body and improved breathing are some of the side effects of practicing Gyan Yoga. Whether you are competitive swimmer or amateur, you will feel the benefits.



Hockey players hold a lot of stress in their legs. Calves, quads, gluteus muscles and lower back muscles are heavily used. Lunges in Gyan Yoga classes are excellent for stretching and strengthening leg and back muscles. Heat in the room promotes safe stretching and sweating releases toxins.



Stamina, cardio strength, upper body strength and proper breathing developed by regular practice of Gyan Flow and Gyan Core Flow classes can help any Boxer or MMA player. The heated environment of Gyan Yoga increases mobility of the joints, lowering the chances of injury.



Tennis players can step on the court with more concentration and focus with the help of Gyan Yoga. Different types of classes offered by Gyan Yoga strengthen and stretch your entire body to relax and release stress from your mind. The dynamic styles of Gyan Flow and Gyan Core Flow classes go well with the dynamic nature of Tennis. With increased range of motion in the joints coupled with strength in the joints lowers the chance of injuries.


Weight Training

Gyan Yoga students have mentioned better performance at bench pressing and other weight training exercises. It’s no wonder, since Gyan Yoga makes you strong and increases endurance capabilities. Just try one of the Chutrunga Dundnasana in a Gyan Flow or Gyan Core Flow class and you will know what we are talking about!!!



A good soccer player is a combination of physical strength, mental focus, awareness of surroundings and agility. Heat in Gyan Yoga classes will strengthen and stretch muscles safely while breathing techniques will increase awareness and mental focus. Flexibility gained with regular practice will help agility.



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