All Gyan Yoga instructors are trained at Gyan Yoga and certified to teach Yoga. started practicing Yoga when he was 8 years old. Like most Yoga students, he began by learning Yoga poses. By 10 years of age he was competing in Yoga championships. He won a few Yoga championships in India. But his quest for Yoga did not end at Yoga poses. He travelled to North India to the Himalayan Mountains to feel Yoga! The feeling of Yoga in the Himalayas took his Yoga practice and Yoga teaching to the next level. Gourav learned “pranayama” breathing exercise and “Dhyana” meditation in the Himalayas. Yoga poses coupled with awareness of right breathing, brings awesome results in your fitness and overall relaxation. We invite you at Gyan Yoga to feel an authentic style of Yoga practice. You can’t forget to breathe in Gyan Yoga classes. started practicing yoga at the age of 8. At the age of 12 he underwent formal training and in the next fours years won two regional annual yoga competitions. He learned Pranayama can build a healthy body and mind. He came to believe, yoga can not only calm your mind but can also help you develop a strong will, enabling you to do anything. This realization started Rishi’s studies in meditation, chanting and deep concentration techniques. Study of meditation led to the study of mantras, sets of words repeated in your mind during meditations. 2 yoga champions at home, it was obvious to practice Yoga. I started practicing Yoga with my brothers at the age of 14. Apart from fitness I was interested in spiritual and restorative aspect of Yoga. No other place is better then Himalayan Mountains to go deep in the restorative and spiritual side of yoga. My quest for Yoga took me to the source of river Ganges “Gomukh”. Yoga and meditation with Sadhus left me with nothing but an admiration for the art and science of Yoga.

yoga-instructorYoga and meditation have always been a part of my life, starting as a young child in a Zen meditation centre in the east end of Toronto. Throughout high school and university, I practiced yoga along with weight lifting, swimming and running for balance and flexibility training. As I continued to practice, yoga became a time out from the daily grind, a space for reflection, a mental as well as physical challenge. 
In 2013 I became certified as a personal trainer and began to incorporate yoga into client sessions for relaxation. In 2016 I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Gyan Yoga to deepen my personal practice and share my love of yoga with others. I hope you leave my class feeling energized, balanced and refreshed.





I have been practicing Yoga with Gyan Yoga for the last 6 years on a regular basis. The brothers at Gyan have been truly inspirational, supportive and great teachers from the first day I walked in. My Intend was to strengthen my body and keep spiritual fit in order to continue being a primary care-giver for my son who had acquired brain injury. I completed the 200 hour yoga training at Gyan Yoga and have been teaching at the studio for the past year.  I can’t imagine my life without yoga.  It is a true gift to be passed on, no matter how young or old, YOGA WORKS.

Yoga Instructor Toronto

Abhi is a yoga enthusiast and passionate about teaching yoga.  He completed his 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with the intention of bringing more discipline to his practice and to understand proper body alignment and breathing in poses. During his training and in the days to follow, Abhi sensed a certain peace cultivating within him, making him feel more grounded in his daily life and opening up his energy channels. This further inspired him to start teaching yoga to share and communicate this practice.

Abhi is a hands-on teacher, laid back and friendly but also likes to challenge students in his classes. He is continuously learning through various workshops, trainings and his own daily practice. He is excited to bring his lessons to the mat and says – “Teaching opens up unlimited avenues for me to acknowledge, learn and develop the skills needed for an effective educator. I love to teach yoga to not only make others aware but also let them experience first-hand the benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring. Yoga works. It is an absolute gift that keeps giving.”

I finished my Yoga Teacher Training from “Gyan Yoga” 

sylvia-perrySylvia is a very experienced yoga teacher with 15 years’ experience. She has RYT 200 from Gyan Yoga. She lived and taught in Spain for 5 years where she was a co-owner of a health and wellness company dedicated to the holistic approach to healing. She has experience working with clients with physiotherapy concerns and injuries. She is also experienced in pre and post-natal yoga instruction. Her classes are light and fun with careful consideration to the body alignment and development of each individual. Her personality is easy going however she likes to challenge students in her classes. She believes in treating everyone with respect and responding to their needs by listening to people and hearing what they are saying and what their concerns are. She says; “There is something to be learned from everyone. Mostly I love to teach yoga. Yoga is my way of connecting with others in a meaningful way.”


toronto Yoga Instructor
I compeleted my Yoga Teacher Training course from Gyan Yoga.
I am Stage 3 Reki practitioner
Ayurveda Student
Yoga instructor RYT 200
and do weight training as well.

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