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RYT 200



The Gyan Yoga Teacher Training is certainly unique.
Yogis or Non-Yogis, Desk Jockeys or fitness professionals, Beginners or Advance students all are welcome to join teacher training. You do not have to be a yoga expert to sign up for teacher training. The teacher training enhances and deepens your practice that leads to healthy and spiritual life style.




Teacher Training Options RYT 200

  • 1 Months course                                                
  • 3 Months flexible course (can be completed in up to 5 months)
  • 8 Months Extended (Can be completed in up to 12 months)

Yoga.Teacher.Training.TorontoWe help to create an inspiring, deep and centuries old yoga practice, while providing thorough preparation for the aspiring yoga teachers. We are honored to bring together the yogis who are living the life of yoga in 21st century as a part of our faculty. They have been practicing yoga since their childhood and learn from the land of yoga. This has given them unique ability to connect with the new students.

Gyan Yoga teacher training meets and exceeds the Yoga alliance teacher training standard. Traditional and authentic style of teacher training offered at Gyan yoga attracts existing Yoga instructors to advance their practice and teaching skills.
After completion of the entire training program, you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance under RYT 200 category.


The course is challenging and not restricted to the following levels:

Physical and Mental





Knowledge and Meditation


Karma level


Apart of practicing twice daily, trainee’s study:

Yoga.Teacher.TrainingAnatomy and Alignment

Yoga history and Yoga philosophy

Teaching methodology

Yoga studio set up (Yoga studio is not just a business)

Ayurveda and Healthy eating

Proper Diet


1 month teacher training and 3 months teacher training, offers the parameters, framework and discipline to enhance the teacher’s own practice, which is the most effective way of becoming independent and confident teaching.


Yoga.Dundas.Street.WestThe program is excellent not only for those who wish to be a Yoga teacher, but also for those looking to:

Transform their life.

Optimistic in their attitude/approach.

Enhance their yoga practice.

Teach yoga as a hobby or to their friends and relatives.

Adopt healthy life style.

Find moments of peace in this fast paced and stressful life.


Program particulars:

Where – Location/ Address
1561 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6K1T9

1 month course

1st day of every month
Training begins at 8:30 am on 1st day of every month and ends at 28th day of every month.
5 days per week for 4 weeks, 8:30am – 4:30pm

3 Months flexible course (can be completed in up to 5 months)

2 days per week for 12 weeks, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Sample day/Daily Schedule

Yoga.Teacher.Training8:30am Pranayama

9:30am Asana practice

11:00am Posture workshop

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Anatomy and Physiology

2:00pm Yoga philosophy

2:30pm Teaching Methodology

3:30pm Asana practice

4:30pm Day ends



The cost of training is $2500 Canadian + Tax*

There is additional $50 + Tax* non-refundable application fees.
The tuition cost covers study material. Tuition fees is non-refundable

1 Month courseFull Payment on or before course start date.
$1250+hst on the course start date.
$1250+hst 10 days after course start date.
3 Months Flexible Course$1000+hst on the course start date.
$1000+hst 1 month after course start date.
$500+hst 2 months after course start date.
8 Months Extended Course$500+hst on the course start date.
$400+hst every month for 5 months




To Apply in Person

Visit us at Suit – 1B, 1561 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6K1T9 fill out an application form.

To Apply Over the Phone

Call 647-341-4926(GYAN)

To Apply Online

Please email





Additional cost to budget for:

  • Travel to Toronto
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Daily expenses

* When calculating tax, please add 13% with in Canada(5% for Alberta). International students are not subject to tax on the training.
** We accept applications on an ongoing basis. Please note that our training generally fill up quickly. The early you apply, the better!



Some mornings will start with the practice of Yoga asana and others will start with the practice of pranayama. No prior experience is required for pranayama, however some experience is welcomed for poses. Meditation will be practiced after every pranayama session.

Most classes will be led by Gourav, Rishi and Rahul the training Facilitators, however there will be other guest teachers who are also experienced Yoga trainers. Each class will focus on growth, exploration, enhancement, healing, improving strength, flexibility, endurance along with proper breathing. A variety of different teachers with their own unique teaching styles will provide you the opportunity to observe and cultivate your style and confidence.

Practice Teaching
All students will be provided with the opportunity to practice yoga teaching in a small group with your fellow students. Each student will be given feedback to improve upon their own teaching style. These sessions will boost your confidence and enhance your practice allowing you to improve your teaching skills.

Teaching Methodology
Our teaching methodology will give you the chance to deeply engage with your yoga practice first so that you become comfortable. This is the chance to learn how to create, the art of teaching skills. We explore teaching techniques such as:


  • Voice projection
  • Utilizing Key words (trigger)
  • Body language
  • Use of visualization to convey information.
  • Names of the postures (Sanskrit and English)
  • How to create supportive environment for New Yogis.
  • How to prepare for teaching.
  • Prepare the choreography


When a new student comes up to a yoga instructor and says I unable to touch my toes. Modification/ adjustments are the best friends of students and Yoga instructors. In this module/section trainees will learn how to modify and make adjustments for the different needs of the students. Some students are stiff others are flexible. How to accommodate these students in a class is a challenge. This challenge can be turned into an awesome experience for the students by modifications and adjustments.


Topics covered under modification/adjustment:

  • How to practice pose safely
  • How to safely go deeper in the Yoga pose
  • How to get into the pose
  • How to hold the pose
  • How to come out of the pose
  • Using verbal and hands-on adjustments, or just by using verbal choreography and body language, without hands-on adjustments.
  • This will cover “Hands-on adjustment” in great detail
  • Directing students to self-adjust
  • Recognizing limit
  • Holding of pose
  • Anatomy of Asana


4th limb of Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali
Ancient yogis have put a great emphasis on the practice of pranayama. Exploring spiritual significance of pranayama to the anatomical effects of it.

Learn how to inhale properly

Learn how to exhale properly

Learn how to hold breath properly

Learn how pranayama can help in the practice of yoga poses.

Learn how pranayama can help to relax a wandering mind.



NastameMantra chanting
Vadic/Sanskrit meaningful words addressed to God and or Demi-God that helps control the part of mind that influence our senses and desire. Chanting is repetition of those mantras.

  • Correct pronunciation of Mantras
  • English translation of mantras
  • Significance of particular mantra.



Great yogi Swami Swatmaram has described Bhandas in his famous book Hatha yoga Pradeepika.
We will explore:

  • Udiyan Bandha
  • Mula Bandha
  • Jalandra Bandha
  • Mahabandha
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Bhagvad gita, Patanjali Yoga sutra, Hatha yoga pradipika.



Teacher trainees will be required to give a short presentation on some topic. Topics could be provided or chosen by the students. This will provide opportunity to share their experience with other students. This will boost their confidence and prepare them for teaching in real class room. Etc.







Gourav started practicing Yoga when he was 8 years old. Like most Yoga students, he began by learning Yoga poses. By 10 years of age he was competing in Yoga championships. He won a few Yoga championships in India. But his quest for Yoga did not end at Yoga poses. He travelled to North India to the Himalayan Mountains to feel Yoga! The feeling of Yoga in the Himalayas took his Yoga practice and Yoga teaching to the next level. Gourav learned “pranayama” breathing exercise and “Dhyana” meditation in the Himalayas. Yoga poses coupled with awareness of right breathing, brings awesome results in your fitness and overall relaxation. We invite you at Gyan Yoga to feel an authentic style of Yoga practice. You can’t forget to breathe in Gyan Yoga classes.

Rishi started practicing yoga at the age of 8. At the age of 12 he underwent formal training and in the next four years won two regional annual yoga competitions. He learned Pranayama can build a healthy body and mind. He came to believe; yoga can not only calm your mind but can also help you develop a strong will, enabling you to do anything. This realization started Rishi’s studies in meditation, chanting and deep concentration techniques. Study of meditation led to the study of mantras, sets of words repeated in your mind during meditations.