Pranayama Workshop

Pranayama is Yogic breathing exercise.

Pranayama = Prana +Ayam

Prana = Energy or life energy

Ayam = Dimension

Why do we need Pranayama?

Most of us do shallow breathing. We use only small capacity of our lungs to breathe.

In this amazing workshop we learn to breathe deeper into our lungs.

Day and Time

Sunday, Feb/18/2018 @ 2:30pm

Price = $20.00

Complimentary for Gyan Yoga students.

If you are Gyan Yoga student and you have

an active Gyan Yoga package than you dont

have to pay for Pranayama wrokshp.

This workshop is free for you.

Please sign up. Limited spots available







Day РSaturday, Nov/19/2017

Time – 2:30pm

Price = $20

Gyan Yoga members enjoy it complimentary(Free)


sign up

  • In studio 1B – 1561 Dundas St. W
  • Over the phone 647-341-4926
  • email


Preparation for Pranayama 

  1. Empty Stomach is recommended
  2. No big meal 3-4 hours before Pranayama class
  3. No snack 2 hours before Pranayama class
  4. Drinking water 30-60 minutes before is recommended



Internal Retention of breath




Authentic yoga