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Gyan Yoga is accessible, non-competitive, non-judgemental and a weight loss Hot Yoga series that strengthens, stretches, tones and relaxes the muscles. The Gyan Hot Yoga series detoxifies the body and calms the mind. Standing, seated, lying-down and counter poses are sequenced in a way that provides a cardio practice.

The wisdom of Gyan Yoga is compiled in 6 different classes:

Gyan Flow
Sun salutations and Vinyasa flows followed by Hatha Yoga poses create the dynamic Gyan Flow class.

Gyan Core Flow
Amazing flexibility, great core strength and immense peace is what Gyan Core Flow is all about. Class is a combination of Vinyassa and Core Strength.


Gyan Core
Hatha Yoga poses, core strengthening Yoga poses and core strengthening exercises are the perfect combination for beginners and intermediate students to get amazing flexibility and great core strength.

Gyan Classical
Practice challenging yourself to your maximum without struggling in body or mind. Synthesize poses with breath, concentration and relaxation.



Curative Yoga
Breath is amazing. We breathe differently in different situations. Curative Yoga is all about learning how to breathe with the right pose that can be helpful in so many health related issues.